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Do The Saints In Heaven Know What Is Happening to Loved Ones On Earth?

So last Monday my bible study crew met at my house for “Week Nine” of Revelation.  This group is a load of fun and knowledgeable about scripture.

At the beginning of the conversation one of the girls talks about a book she is reading by Randy Alcorn.  She said that in his book the saints in heaven are portrayed as “knowing” what is happening to the saints on earth and actually “praying” for them.

This did not surprise me.  I completely agree with Randy.  Partially because of Hebrews 12:1 . . .

“Therefore, since we have so great a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.  Those witnesses are the saints in heaven.  How do I know this? If you look at the preceding verses in Hebrews it is talking about believers who have died – those saints are now in heaven.

They are our cloud of witnesses.

But there is another reason I believe the saints in heaven can hear us – personal experience.  I can’t explain the frame with my husband’s voice that talks at random, but i can tell you Daddy God is allowing it.  And I think Doug knows exactly what Daddy is doing.

And Doug rejoices.

Here is an exert from my book Revelations.  In this scene Doug is already in heaven when I get a phone on earth, telling me the army has found more of his remains  . . . 

Doug knew Nic was about to receive the phone call.  He ran up the mountain with his bare feet, toes curling in the soft verdant grass.

His breath came quickly, but without weariness.  His muscles burned, but without any pain.  The air was thick with oxygen and the wind against his face was slightly cool, yet warm enough to keep his body limber.

The soft pad of his footsteps echoed in his head.  The stones he brushed didn’t tear his skin; on the contrary, they seemed to thrust him onward, upward, and further along the path. 

God’s unceasing light darted down through the branches, running with him.  The trees were enormous, their bark rich with life.  The leaves shivered as he past, urging him faster.  

There was no sweat, no ache, no nausea, not even a thought of rest.

He had never been more alive.

He broke out of the tree line, laughing as the wind picked up and the stones beneath his feet grew larger, sparkling under Gods ever-present light, singing with him.

It wasn’t long until he was bounding over boulders, almost flying, soaring farther than he ever had before.  His muscles strained, but there was never a moment he thought he wouldn’t land on his feet or reach his destination.  His toes gripped the stone as if he had the paws of a mountain lion. 

Faster he went.

Nic was getting the phone call now.

Doug pushed harder, knowing he had to reach the top.  He had to be there to tell her.  He had to tell her. . .

The crest of the mountain came into focus; his breath came faster; he pushed harder.

Then he was running on level ground, dancing in the mountain meadow, red and yellow wildflowers swaying as he turned full circle with arms wide.  His words were thunder, his voice engulfed the surging waters of the raging river far below. 

“I’m alive, Nic!  Believe it.  Know it.  I’m alive!”

– – –

As Hebrews 12:1 indicates: the sants in heaven are aware of our life and they cheer us on with prayers and rejoicing.

My bible study group discussed Hebrews 12:1 for a few minutes.  There were tears in people’s eyes as they thought of loved ones who have died.  But I could see everyone’s lingering question, “Is it true?  Can my loved one really pray for me as I run through this life?”

Now I am going to tell you something that just may make your hair stand on end.

The next morning, I immediately check my e-mail.  I tell you that fact because I never check my e-mail first.  I always start the day with bible study.  But not that day.  That day I checked my e-mail.  Do you know what I found?  A friend in New Hampshire had written to me.  This is what she said. . .

I am writing this e-mail late at night.  Don’t think I am crazy but last night I had a dream about Doug.  I don’t want to read into it more than what it is.  So here goes.  I was walking down a hallway, and I opened a door.  Doug was in a room having a conversation with Dan [his brother].  I apologize for interrupting them.  Doug said, “No problem”.  Obviously I knew who Doug was right away from all your photo’s.  Anyway, he was in his dress blue uniform.  I don’t know if the army has such a thing as “dress blues” but the navy does [yes, the army does].  Anyway, Doug had all these ribbons too.  I introduced myself to Doug, but I felt he knew who I was because he was shaking his head in an affirmative way. Anyway, I told him I was your friend.  I told him you were doing fine.  He had this big smile and said, “I know”.   I told Doug that I’ll let Nic know I saw you and everything is fine. Again, Doug shook his head in an affirmative manner with a big, and knowing smile.  I quickly left the room to find you.  Because I told Doug that I would tell you that I saw him, that is why I am writing this e-mail.
Do I think this is from heaven?  I don’t know.  I don’t know why I had this dream, or why I had this visit with Doug.  I never even met him.   I wouldn’t even tell you but I told Doug in my dream that I would tell you that everything is fine so in case this is from heaven, I am covered.  I don’t know if by telling you will make you sad, happy or what as I have never walked in your steps and don’t want to make you upset.  But I told Doug and gave my word so I have to tell you this.
 I felt this feeling all day that I needed to send this e-mail out before I go to bed. It just was on my mind today, and just couldn’t shake this dream…please don’t think I am crazy.

– – –

I don’t think her crazy.  And I know why she had to tell me that dream at that time.  My bible study group had just had a conversation about it, and God wanted to give me clarification.

“Yes, Nic.  Doug really does know how you are doing.”

I can’t WAIT to see Jesus face to face, bow to my knees, and kiss His nail-scars.  And the first thing I will say?

“Thank you so much Jesus.  Than you so much for saving my Doug.”

Shine Him today Christian Soldiers.  Shine him.  The world needs hope and we can give it to them.  Soon, He will come with the clouds, and we will be reunited with those of us who have gone before.



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  1. jessica says - Posted: August 28, 2012

    this gives me chills. and makes me want to cry and dance all at the same time.