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Please Pee In Your Own Pants. Best Advice Ever.

Pee in your own pants!  

One day one of my besties and I were driving down the road with her two kids and my one in the backseat.  We heard snippets of the conversation off and on.  Then my child said something about peeing in his pants.  He learned that phrase from yours truly.  I say that all the time when I am laughing too hard: “You are going to make me pee in my pants!”  My young impressionable 8 year old has picked up that phrase.

So then there was some discussion between my son and my friend’s kids about peeing in their pants.

Then my friend’s 3 year old says, “I don’t want you to pee in my pants.  I want to pee in my own pants!”


Oh the lessons we can learn from a 3 year old.  Oh the lessons we can learn!

Pee in your own pants.  Yes.  That would be fantastic World.  Pee in your own pants – don’t pee in mine!  Let me try to explain: If you want to mess up your life, go right ahead, but don’t screw up mine in the process!

Eh, problem.

That doesn’t work.  You see we are all connected in some form or fashion.  When a mess happens in my life, it doesn’t just affect my life, it affects the lives that I touch.  Same with you.  Same with everyone.  We don’t just mess up our own life when we pee in our pants or any other pants for that matter.  We are connected by things we call relationships.

If someone has an affair, it doesn’t just impact them, but their spouse and their children, their spouse and children’s friends, their family, and their in-laws.   The list can go on, can it not?

If you do drugs that little overdose not only devastates your body, it also devastates your entire family.  On welfare?  You aren’t just getting a check from the government; you are pulling from every taxpayers pocket.

Divorce?  Does a divorce just affect your life?  Heck no.  It impacts your kids for years to come.  And by the way, which ex-spouse are your friends supposed to invite to a party?  I mean, your friends didn’t divorce you or your spouse.

You can’t throw a rock in a pool and not have it ripple out to the surrounding water.

You can’t take one bite of cake without others noticing.

You don’t exist in a bubble.

It is impossible to pee in your own pants or even in someone else’s pants without that mess massively affecting someone else’s life.  Someone has to help you clean that junk up.  Someone is washing the clothes.  Someone is SMELLING it.  Amen?

I mean peeing in your pants or anyone else’s pants can affect the world for generations to come.

Let’s take Abraham.  God said he would have a son with his wife Sarah, but he couldn’t wait.  He peed in someone else’s pants.  He went into Hagar – Sarah’s maid – and had a kid by her.  His name was Ishmael.

His descendants are many of the Muslim nations today.

Anyone not touched by the Muslim world?

Eh, can you say 9-11?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

Our messes don’t just mess us up, they mess up a lot more than us.  If you are someone like Abraham, you messes just might affect the entire world.


Ok, so what is the lesson here?

Don’t pee in your pants.  Don’t pee in someone else’s pants.  Pee in the toilet.  Put that junk right where it belongs.

You see, you will be temped in this life, but you don’t have to choose to take the bait.   You will be asked to throw the pebble but you don’t have to make the throw.  You may want a piece of that cake, but sometimes it is better left uneaten.

When you pee in your pants, you can’t shine Him.  When you pee in someone else’s pants, you can’t shine Him.  You gotta keep your pants clean.  You gotta watch out for the enemy’s temptations, for your own sinful urgings, and for a means of escape.  Because God always provides a way to keep your pants clean.

“No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.”  1 Corinthians 10:13

Sometimes we give in to temptations because of pressure -aka control. We gotta be bold, have a little moxie, and stand up for our beliefs.

Sometimes we give in to temptations because we just WANT to do it.  Anyone with me?  Doesn’t it feel GOOD?  Yeah right – for about a New York minute.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU.  This is about HIS shine.  And all his jerk-y-ness wants to do is make you tarnish that shine.

We tend to think for the moment, not about the repercussions, and not about how much our peeing is making a mess – not only in our lives but in everyone else’s life as well.

“A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.”  Galatians 5:9

You got them apples right.  Keep your leaven away from me.  As a matter of fact, keep the leaven away from you.

When you feel temptation come, run to the restroom and have a little heart to heart with Jesus.  Then flush those thoughts right down the toilet.

Peeing in your pants or in someone else’s pants is overrated.

Let’s keep our pants clean.

Shine Him.



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