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When Poo Is In Your Pool

I can’t believe I am writing this post.  I really can’t.  Imagine my worry about just what PICTURE I should use for this.  Oh, the visual!  Let’s not go there.   Let’s just get straight to the point: There is poo in our pools.  All of them.  A lot of times we swim around and pretend nothing is floating by.  We look someone else in the eye and just pretend it is not sitting on the bottom beside our feet.  We try to push it away but it always comes back, because if it is in the pool there is only one way to get it out – deliberately.

I am glad you are still with me.  I really don’t know if I would be reading any further if I were you.  But the story must go on.

You can imagine WHY I thought of this post.  You may not know the details, but you can guess.  It happened.  Yes, yes, yes.  It happened.   I won’t paint you a vivid picture, but here is the situation:  I was at a pool, sitting on the sidelines; the kids were in the water, getting swimming lessons.  And then, one instructor is looking rather “perplexed.”  She puts on her goggles and looks at something.

You see, whoever did this small feat ignored it, hoping it would go away or go undiscovered.

Not good.

When the monstrosity was discovered, the pool was closed for cleaning and the poo was retrieved and flushed.

As I was driving home it occurred to me that the poo in the pool is our sin.  At times we ignore it or we try to forget about it, but it is there.  God wants us to acknowledge the poo and deliberately dispose of it so that we can heal and grow in Him.  His jerkiness wants us to ignore it so that it holds us back from growing in God.  We want it out, but at the same time we know it is going to be really painful and embarrassing to admit what we did.

Sometimes this sin is an obvious one.  It is that one big thing in your life that is just messy.  Other people know about it, but it is the “elephant in the room.”  No one wants to talk about it because it is just too big of a poo.  So it is ignored.  By you and by them.

At other times, only you know of the sin.  It is the inner sin, the sin of worry or fear, but it affects a big majority of your life.  It is a constant, something that poo’s up your life.  You want to get rid of it, but each time you do, it creeps right back in.

At other times, it is known only by you and a few others, and because it is known only to a few, you try to avoid the few, while acting normal around everyone else.

But you arn’t fooling God – in any situation.  He lives above the pool.  He sees what we do, and He knows what we haven’t flushed down the toilet.

You see – we all sin.  All of us.  Becoming a believer in Christ doesn’t give you a pool that is never dirty, but it does give us the tools to clean the pool.  Sometimes when the junk is in the pool, we don’t even know it.  The more we grow in Christ, the more we will see the poo around us and the more we want to get rid of it.  Here is the kicker – you will never have  a clean pool.  All you can have is a pool that closes down and  deals with the monstrosity.  Amen?

When the poo at the pool was discovered, a kid fest up to the crime.  I was proud of this little kid.  I mean, how embarrassing!  But the kid spoke up.  He knew it was better to get it over with than to let it sit and leak poison in his little life.

That is the  difference between a true-believer and a false-believer.  The true believer admits his mistakes.  The true believer wants the poo out.  At times it takes awhile, because we can’t change overnight, but when we recognize sin for what it is, we strive to banish it.  The false-believer, on the other hand, doesn’t try to grow closer to God, and because of that either doesn’t see the poo for what it is, or sees the poo but thinks it is just not that big of a deal.   They say they are God’s children, but they don’t even try to banish the nastiness.

All of our pools are dirty, but if we are a true follower of Christ, we want to make it at clean as possible because the true believer wants his pool to reflect God’s light, and he knows the only way to do that is to get rid of the waste.

Only Jesus cleanses us, but as we walk with Him, we can’t just deliberately continually dirty up the pool.  We deliberately try to keep it as clean as possible.


What is in your life right now?  What do you need to get out of the pool?


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  1. Anita @ Losing Austin says - Posted: May 20, 2013

    Great correlation- even if it did almost make my lunch come up 😉

    (Not really)

    It has me thinking…

    • Nic says - Posted: May 20, 2013

      HAHA. I KNOW right! Always a lesson to learn!