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“We Are Garden Hoses.” Or As My Country Friend Says, “We Are Hose Pipes.”

IMG_2768A friend of mine comes over the other day with a revelation: We are hoses; Jesus is the living water.  Are we letting the water out?  Or are we stingy and closing it up?

She went even deeper with this analogy by saying, “At times we get kinks in our hoses.  Did we put them there ourselves?  Or did we allow others to do so?”  In either case Jesus isn’t getting out.  But you need to unknot the situation if you take my meaning.

You can even go deeper.  Are you a soaker hose that releases a little bit of Jesus at a steady stream?

Are you a fireman’s hose that only releases Jesus in emergencies and only with a LOUD voice?

Do you have a nozzle on the end of your hose (aka your mouth)?  Are you able to spread Jesus out in just the dosage you require in just the right sprinkling you feel is right for the job?

Do you have one of those easy – switch on switch off – water valves at the end, releasing Jesus whenever and wherever you want?

Are you a short hose or a long hose?  Does it take Jesus a while to get out?  Or does He come out almost immediately?

Do you like your hose?

Do you like your nose?

Sorry, just had to throw that one in there.  This is sounding like a Dr. Seuss poem.

My friend is right.  We are hoses.  Most of us are probably one specific type of hose most of the time.  Which one do you think you are?  Do you leave Jesus bottled up for a specific time (church) or a specific Christian friend?   Do you blast Him out only in emergencies?  Do you change your approach depending on your audience?  Or are you a soaker, leaking Jesus wherever and wherever you go?

I want to be a hose with one of those crazy sprinklers on the end, twirling about in a dance of swiftness and spreading water to everything around me.  If you get near me, I want Jesus to be all over you.   I want the living water to be at full blast – enough for the kids to run and play under the monstrous arches of water in the yard.  I want to be one of those people whom you walk by and just feel Him.  Anyone with me?  I want to spread Him everywhere I go, no matter the circumstances. I want Him dripping off of me like raindrops from rooftops.  You touch me, you gonna get Him. You see me, you gonna get Him.  You hear me, you really gonna get Him.

We are garden hoses, or if you want to beautify it a bit, you can say we are hose pipes . . . Which one are you?

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.'”  John 7:38

Go flow a bit today.


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