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No Matter What – Shine

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.  I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I might have.”  – Abraham Lincoln


I love this quote.  As a Christian, you are bound to be true because He is the TRUTH.  If you do not live in this truth, you are living apart from Him.  As a Christian, you are not under obligation to live up to what other people deem “success,” you are supposed to live in a way that shines His light.  No matter if the door is closed, no matter if the world has beaten you down, no matter what.  You shine.  If you do not shine, His light is not inside you.

You are bound to live up to what light you have.

Your light ultimately comes from Him.

It is your moxie.  It is His shine. And it is your duty to shine it.

No matter what.

Think about some people in scripture.  They were  “stoned, they were sawn in two, they were tempted, they were put to death with the sword; they went about in sheepskins, in goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, ill-treated, wandering in deserts and mountains and caves and holes in the ground.”  Hebrews 11:37-38

These were Gods saints.  His chosen ones.  His prophets. His disciples. His children.

And no matter what, they let their light shine.

And we complain about slow traffic or long waits.   We get irritated when our serving girl doesn’t come to refill our beverage (that has already been refilled a few times).  We gripe about missing our flight or how much our dog sheds in the house.

We know very little about hardship.  Even those of us who have suffered a tragedy have really experienced very little of what some of the people of God experienced in the past, all because we live in a land where Christian values abound – or did abound (Jury is still out on whether or not our freedom will continue.  But I digress).

Hardships.  Through the good times and through the bad, we are bound to shine.  It is our duty to shine.  He wants us to shine – to trust Him – in good times and bad.  That is what this life is all about – trust.  If we trust Him with our life, He will give us true life.  If we can trust Him with this grain of sand, He will give us an ocean.  If we trust Him now, we shine.  NO MATTER WHAT.

That is what God is trying to teach me in this moment.  My devotional today was about Trust.

It quoted Psalm 18:33: He makes me like a deer, which does not stumble.  He helps me stand on the steep mountains.

Sometimes when hardships come, when disappointments abound, God is teaching us to stand firm.  He wants our feet not to stumble. He wants us firm and reliant on Him.  He wants us to trust.

If this was the only message on trust today, I might have just passed it by, but it was not.  I opened up another book I had just started reading.  It said something like this: if you already knew you had won the prize, how much more confident would you be?  If you were an artist that entered a painting in a contest and got the word one day before the announcement that you already had so many votes no other artist could hope to beat you, how much more confident would you be when you walked into the room where the judges announce the winner?

How much more confident would you be?

The verse?  He gives strength to those who re tired and more power to those who are weak.  The people who trust the Lord will become strong again.  They will rise up as an eagle in the sky.”  Isaiah 40:29-31

If you trust him, you will rise up like an eagle in the sky.

You will fly.

When the time is right.

Why?  Because God has already claimed the victory.  You have already won.  If He has told you something will come to pass, you are already there.  You win.  Bad loses.  Chin up Christian soldiers, you are the artist that has already won.  The announcement in about to be made.

You win.  Because you are in His care.  No MATTER WHAT.

The door closed on me a few weeks back.  A type of “hardship” came.  But God says those who trust in Him will rise up like an eagle in the sky.

There is a plaque sitting by my kitchen sink.  It says, “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”

It is my duty to shine. No matter what.  It is my duty to trust.  No matter what.  And when the window opens?

It is time to fly.

See you in the skies Christian Soldiers.

In time.





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  1. Brenda says - Posted: August 13, 2013

    Hardships are never easy but as time marches more will come…standing firm in our faith is really all we have before we fly!