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Fight For Freedom This Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day.  Never a good day for me.  It always comes a few days after the anniversary of my husband’s death.  Appropriate, I assume, but also a double decker reminder of pain.

Memorial Day is a holiday many people don’t get.  This isn’t a holiday to honor the military.  This isn’t a holiday for honoring those who serve.  There is a holiday for that, and it is called Veterans Day.  Memorial Day is a holiday honoring those who fought and died for this country.  Memorial Day is a holiday celebrating the life of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Memorial Day is a holiday to remember the families who live with the cost of that sacrifice.  Memorial Day is a holiday to remember you are walking and breathing in this country because there are some great men and women who actually loved America enough to die for it.


We are throwing our freedoms away of late, tossing them out like day old meat.  Our leaders are deceptive and we let them slip by laws and regulations that take us farther and farther from where our founders wanted us to be.  Our religious rights are being jeopardized and we sit by the sidelines watching it slip away like sands in our fingers.  Our familes are under attack and we talk about giving everyone a trophy because we can’t let anyone feel left out.

What are we doing?

Where is our morality?  I tell you where part of it went.  It died on the battlefield with young men and women who understand what freedom is all about.

If we don’t stand up America, next year we may not have any freedoms left.  Don’t believe me?

They are trying to tell you how much coke you can drink, because they know better than you.  They are trying to tell you what kind of car you can drive, because they know what is better for the environment.  They are trying to tell you how much saturated fats are okay, because as you know they are very concerned about your health.  They are trying to regulate the schools you send your children to, because, of course, your children belong to the collective.

Will you do a few things for me this Memorial Day?

First, I want you to remember.  Remember the freedoms we once had and remember those who have died for those freedoms.  Then stand up America. Stand up and fight for those freedoms.

Second, I want you to watch this video.  It is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  It will make you laugh, and cry, but at the end of it, you will be reminded what many families across America are living with each and every day.  This is the cost of freedom.  It is always present.  It never goes away.  Don’t let our freedom be compromised America.  Remember the sacrifice.  Remember.


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