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Dare To Be Different. God Is Calling You To Be In These Last Days.

Most of us don’t want to stand out too much.  A little bit of bling is good, but too much and you are the subject of many discussions – in the negative fashion.  So even though we crave a bit of individuality, there comes a point where we draw the line.  The line is where we stop being cool and become just plain weird.

Ever felt like God was telling you to do something that would cross that boundary from coolness into weirdness?

In the last post I talked about how Joshua even struggled with a little bit of insecurity.  There are other heroes in the scripture that probably did also – but they obeyed anyway – even though their obedience passed them from coolness into weirdness.   Isaiah walked around naked to make a point (Isaiah 20:3).  David danced before the Lord scantly dressed (2 Samuel 6:14).  Jonah probably went into Nineveh smelling like vomited whale meat (Jonah 2:10-3:3).  Hosea was asked to marry a prostitute (Hosea 1:2).

I mean, really God?  R-E-A-L-L-Y?

At times we read those stories without any real emotion.  We fail to grasp the magnitude of what these people went through.  I mean, what would you do if God told you to marry a prostitute?  Or walk around naked for three years?  I mean, would you obey without any hesitation?


I would wager to bet God is probably not going to ask you to walk around naked, but there are things God may ask you to do that are just as hard: give up a favorite past time, walk away from an important relationship, talk to a family member about something serious, or preach an unpopular sermon.

Let’s be honest, sometimes those things are just as hard as walking around naked.  As soon as God asks us to do something a little bit “weird,” what do we do?  We ask a very simple question.

“But what will THEY think?”

What will my friends think if I give up X-Y or Z?  What will my parents do if I decide to be A-B or C?  What will she say if I talk to her about E-F or G?

God is teaching me that I shouldn’t worry what everyone else thinks.  I should worry about what HE thinks.  I should obey.

“As for God, His way is perfect, the word of the Lord is flawless.  He is a shield for all who take refuge in Him.”  2 Samuel 22:31

If God’s way is perfect, then we shouldn’t worry if we are the subject of many unpopular discussions.  If His word is flawless, we shouldn’t worry about the road ahead.  He assures us that if we take refuge in Him, He will shield us from the insults of the crowd.  That doesn’t mean the crowd won’t insult, but it does mean God will be our strength.  And let me tell you something, nothing is stronger than Daddy God.  I mean lightning and thunder come out of God’s throne (Revelation 4:5).  They come OUT of the throne! As in Daddy is sitting on a lightning bolt!   Daddy can kick some tail if He needs to.  Trust that He is powerful and that His power is your shield.

I think we need to practice not worrying about what others think, because being “different'” is what the saints in the last days should be all about.  The days that lead up to the second coming of Christ will be replete with scoffers that ridacule what’s right, that look down on the just, and that ultimately persecute the saints.  2 Timothy 3:1-5 describes these people as “haters of good.”  These “haters” will be “treacherous” and “brutal.”  And they are, are they not?  We see their brutality on the news every day.   If you are walking Daddy’s path, you will be on the good side.  The people described in 2 Timothy won’t like you too much.  They will try to hurt any who believe or act differently from them.

God is trying to prepare your armor.  “Be different.  Stand out.  Shine ME,” God says.


“If you don’t stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” Isaiah 7:9

If we don’t stand up now, how will we stand up when the going gets really tough?  Scripture indicates many won’t stand in the last days.  Take a listen.

“Many will fall away from the faith and betray one another and hate one another. . . and most people’s love will grow cold.”  Matthew 24:10, 12

Ouch.  If we can’t SHINE Him now, no matter how weird others may think we are, how will we SHINE Him when our weirdness could get us killed?

“If they persecute me, they will persecute you also.”  Matthew 15:20

Because the “haters of good” will hate everything and everyone who is “good.”  They will hate us so much it will lead to severe persecutions.

We have got to grow a thick skin and start getting the hang of being “different” or we may crumble under the pressures of the last days.  Although many will see us as “ignorant Christians,” Daddy will see us “like the stars that shine forever and ever” (Daniel 12:3).

And remember that lightning bolt?  In the end, the “haters of good” better watch out, because lightning is coming for them (Rev. 16: 17-21).

Stand out.  Stand firm.  And SHINE Him!

Amen and Amen.  Come quickly Lord Jesus.


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