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He Satisfies the Thirsty Soul

IMG_3065Sometimes after a long break, you not only need another vacation, but you also feel – well – somewhat empty.  One of my friends said it best, “I wish we could have talked more about God during the break.”  Most of the time family get togethers don’t have a lot of conversations about God, even during Christmas time.  You may go to a candlelight service and sing praises to the King, but then you go home to pour the eggnog, open presents, put in batteries, yell at the kids for being too loud, and just downright have a “blast,” but in an empty kind of way.

I am feeling rather empty now, and I need to fill my tank. This morning I sat down by the fire and read a few chapters of the Exodus, which got me doing a search through the New Testament and leading me to a mini revelation that I am still hammering out in my head.   But my tank is slowly starting to get full again, and I am grateful.

Psalm 107:9 says it best, “For He has satisfied the thirsty soul, and the hungry soul He has filled with what is good.”

He fills up the empty, but you have to go to Him to get filled. Amen? That is why the Christmas season leaves something to be desired for many because when it is all said and done, there are no amount of presents that can satisfy – only He can satisfy. Only He can fill you up – no amount of worldly goods can do that.

So as you get back into the swing of things, remember to take a minute to look to the skies, open the Word, and become full again.

“He satisfies the thirsty soul.”

Be filled today.


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