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When Faced With Lost Innocence, Prepare Their Armor

A friend of mine’s seven year old got introduced to porn while sitting with his uncle and searching for train pictures on the web.  Yes, you heard be correctly.  He plugged something innocent into Google and WHAM, up pops a nasty porn scene.

Another friend of mine’s four year old was walking into a gas station to use the restroom when he turns to the magazine rack.  What is at eye level to a FOUR YEAR OLD?  You got it – porn.

Really world? REALLY?

I mean a parent these days has to prepare their child AT FAR TOO YOUNG AN AGE to avoid this stuff – to turn the other cheek – to RUN FAST AND FURIOUSLY AWAY FROM THIS JUNK.  I want to comment on the picture I am using for this blog.  This shirt was in a magazine that came to my house.  A friend of mine told me this saying was in a play or some such and that it was going around.  I was thoroughly disgusted.  Sin is in?  I know it is, but DO WE HAVE TO WEAR THIS?  Who DOES that?    Notice the upside down crosses for the I’s.  If I make any more comments on this I am going to blow a gasket.  But just so you know.  It is in.  We are even advertising the fact.  Wonderful.

Back to my point.

I sat my now 8 year old down the other day and had “the talk.”  You know the one I am talking about – the SEX talk, the dreaded, this is where babies come from talk, and part of my reason for doing this now is that SEX IS EVERYWHERE.  Porn is everywhere.  And even if in blind INNOCENCE he is with someone that shows him this stuff or wants him to do something against God’s law he has heard his mother telling him a loud and clear – NO.  Part of me wishes we could shelter them FOREVER but even if we tried, we would fail.  The world will get in.  I want my kid to be strong enough to stare evil right in the eyes and flip it off.  Amen?

I started out with a talk about CONTROL.  “There are some people, Dak, that want to control your life, they want you to agree with what they say and do no matter how it affects you.  They will try to influence you to such a degree that it will be painful if you refuse. I want you to be strong enough inside to not care about what others say.  I want you to be respectful, but I want you to stand your ground.  I want you to have control of your life, with God at the helm.  You gotta have the moxie of Jesus. You got me Dak?”

He nodded. We talked a little about control and what that means.  And then I went into the next discussion – THAT ONE.

As all kids probably do, he giggled.   And then I went into, “Why do you think God wants you to be with ONE person?  Why does God tell us to stay married?  Why does God tell us to not have sex until we ARE married?”

Then I got into the naked pictures (or nearly naked pictures) we see, the junk we have to watch on TV, and the disrespectful pictures we see on billboards.    And then again, this led me into the talk about CONTROL.  How others will want to sway you away from the truth, the right thing to do.   I told him he would have to stand his ground and it would be hard.

I have had the talk about “naked” pictures before because I read somewhere that if you start talking about porn to an 8 year old you are about 3 years too late.  They need to know how to handle those things as soon as they reach school age.


This world really ticks me off.  A CHILD has to be prepared for something they should not even know about until they are fifty!

I told him three years ago to “turn” away if you see anyone naked.    He came home a few months later and told me there was a naked baby picture at his school.  It was a cartoon, probably with a little butt smile sticking out, but at that moment in time I knew I had made an impression.  Dak had passed the test.  I am proud of him.

I hate pornography.  I really, really hate it.  I hate we have to deal with this.  But there is only one way to fight it.  Speak the truth over them daily.  Read it daily.  Speak honestly with your child about your challenges and your mistakes.  Let them learn from you.

I told Dak if he was ever introduced to porn, he should remember that is someone’s mother, someone’s sister, and someone’s daughter.  That could be me.  And that is disgusting.

Don’t wait until it is too late to speak with your kids. Do so when they can handle it.  “Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  Resist him.  Stand firm in the faith.”  1 Peter 5:8

His royal Jerkiness is not going to give a flip if he preys on a five year old or a fifty-five year old.  I bet in his mind, the younger the better.

Prepare their armor.


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