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Daniel: No Black, All White

Daniel. He is amazing. I have loved this greatly esteemed man of God from afar for a long time. One day, one of my closest friends asked if I could teach a Bible Study on Daniel. I shrugged it off. There were already plenty of good studies on Daniel available. After all, I was not the only admirer. I thought there would be nothing else I could contribute to honor this man many other more capable teachers have honored by their words.

I was wrong. God gives each of His children unique perspective, and my perspective was different than all the other writers that have come before. This book is not about a man in the past – it is about men of the future – it is about us. We will walk the path Daniel walked. Many will shine like Daniel. Many others will fall. Which will you be? If you faithfully study Daniel, you will learn lessons that will help prepare your armor for the battle about to begin.

It’s time to turn the page. It’s time to prepare for war.’

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