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The Frame

The frame has been talking a ton today.   Even the special  message of “I love you” has been blurting out of the frame for 2 days now.  Think my husband knows I need it?  Yes.  Do you think my Daddy and my Jesus know?  You bet.  We have a great God, my faithful friends.  The “I love you” message is very very rare, especially two days in a row.

And you know something else?

The frames have been talking back to back, one right after the other.

It is like a chorus of my husband coming from both sides of the living room.

It just happened again.  It just spoke as I am writing.

In my book I told you guys about this miracle, but what I didn’t say is that it is also a miracle to others.  I have seen many times when people are visiting and the frame talks. They look around and say, “What in the world was THAT.”

“Just Doug,” I say, “And Daddy.”


The frame keeps me hanging on.  Really does.  Sometimes it ….

Just happened again….!

…doesn’t happen for months, and then BAM – all the time.

Only Daddy can do that.  Thank you for this blessing Jesus, thank you for being so good to me.  I love you for it.

I hope all of you know what miracles God has performed for you, because miracles are in everyone’s life.  Maybe you don’t have a talking frame, but you have something.  When you get into the valley where you don’t hear Daddy too much, when you are wading through life and wondering when the next break is, when you are in tears, go back to your miracle.

And remember that Daddy is in control – of everything.  He still has you in the palm of His hand, even when you can’t feel Him.  Maybe you can’t feel Him because he has momentarity placed you in His treasure pouch to go to bat for you.

Let me share with you one of my favorite scriptures.  “Even when you are chased by those who seek to kill you, your life is safe in the care of the Lord your God, secure in His treasure pouch!”  1 Sam 25:29

Is THAT not the COOLEST thing EVER?!  You are part of HIS TREASURE.  You are like a presious stone to Him, shining your light.

AHHHHH, Daddy, may we be beautiful to you  And we will be grateful and thankful if you slip us into your treasure pouch and go to bat on our behalf.  We know your swing is much better than ours.

Amen and amen!  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

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  1. Paula Alexich says - Posted: December 11, 2011

    Amazing! I have heard the frames and I know you are an amazing women of faith and courage and it shows and is AWESOME!!!!!!!