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Hurry Up Jesus. We Can’t Wait For Eden.

Memorial Day has come and gone.  I featured some amazing women this past week: Katie – War Hero.  My Hero.  Meet a Soldier’s Widow and Cherie – Give a Rip, Lend and Ear, And Know that Grace Trumps Death.

Now I am going to give you a little bit of my story.

Doug left when our son Dak was 10 months old.  Doug was killed when Dak was 16 months old.  Dak doesn’t remember his dad but the pictures of Doug I plaster all over my house assure Dak he has a dad who loves him.

A few years after Doug was killed Jason Meadows asked for some pictures for his new song, “18 Video Tapes.”  The video link is at the end of this blog.   There are many families represented in this video, and many children who will never see their father or mother again on this earth.  In the video, there are three pictures of our family.  Watch for Doug in a tank with 9 month old Dak, and Dak in a lion’s costume (because now he is waiting for the Lion of the tribe of Judah to return – I’m just sayin’).  Finally, you will see Dak wearing a homemade t-shirt with “Hurry Up Dad” on the front.

I said “Hurry up” to Doug every time he left me for any length of time.  It meant “Hurry up and get back to me.”  When two soldiers knocked on my door to inform me my husband wasn’t coming home, my heart shattered, but I have never stopped repeating those word.  Now I say them to Jesus. . .

“Hurry up, Jesus.  I can’t wait for the reunion.”

You see, years of research has told me the truth.  This life isn’t over when we die.  God can make everything right and that includes taking the ashes of my husband and breathing them back to life.

I want you to listen to this song and see the children.  The statistics on this video are low now because it has been years since the video was made.  As you watch, know that this is not the end of the story.  Because one day my prayer of “Hurry up” will be answered.  The Lion will come, His light will SHINE in the darkness, and the darkness we now live in will become like Eden, the garden of the Lord (Is  51:3).  See Eden Returns – Daddy Makes It Right.

So now, 18 Video Tapes by Jason Meadows.

Dare to believe. . .

God will make all your wrongs right.

He can and He will.

Hurry Up!


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