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Hope Shines In The Dark If You DARE to Believe.

Hope SHINES in the dark if you DARE to believe.

He is coming, He Shines.  The darkness cannot hide.

Wrongs become right, darkness to light.

Dare. To. Believe. His. Shine.

Hope Shines in the dark.

Do you believe this?

It is painful to watch the news anymore.  Just painful.  It there isn’t a tragedy that leaves you on your knees in tears like the recent school shooting, then there are members of our government arguing laws that keep God out of the picture.  Oh, and then there is the small issue of the terrorists who want to kill us, who also want to blow Israel off the map, just because they are Israel, and just because we are us.  Half of the time you don’t trust the media.  The other half of the time you just don’t care.   You find yourself growing numb to it all.  Partially because we are battling darkness in our own lives.  Sickness, death, divorce, depression, and fear.

Darkness is everywhere.

And we lose hope.

I mean, how do you have hope when THIS is happening to our country, to our family, to us?  I mean, our country is being hijacked.  Our rights are being violated.  God is not longer present in anything other than our churches, and even some of those leave you wondering.  Our lives are a mess.  Our families are a mess.  Our kids are a mess.  We are a mess!


I recently bought a new piece of furniture from  IKEA.  The picture with this post is in the “instructions” on how to put it together.  They cracked me up.

“Do not be in despair,” the first scene seems to be saying, “Be glad!”

“Do not be left wondering.  Call IKEA!”

Oh man oh man.  I started laughing hysterically.  But the first picture of each scene is sometimes us.  Our world is broken and we despair.   We have a million questions but we don’t seek the One who has the answers.  We lose hope.

I don’t know what prompted me to write this post today other than these pictures, but I think I am writing to someone whose world is broken.

Do.  Not.  Lose.  Hope.

“Because hope does not disappoint us.”  Romans 5:5

How can that be?  Because our hope is in God (Psalm 39:7) and in His Word (Psalm 119:114).  And His Word is Jesus (John 1:14) who is God in the flesh, our hope.

And God is bigger than our problems.  God is bigger than the world’s problems.  God is even bigger than we think He is.

God can right your wrongs if you dare to believe.

If I was ordinary “Joe” who had not been through the darkness, my words would have no real meaning to you, but I am sure most of you reading this know I have been through darkness and back and the only reason I can say all this to you is because I have lived it.  I know.  My world was so dark when my husband was killed that I didn’t know down from up, but I clung to Jesus because I knew He was my hope and I knew He was good and I knew He loved me.

He was the only beam of light in a dark place because He never stops shining.  NEVER.  Satan may make your world black, he may try to paint it fully, but he can’t.  Because Jesus you see, He shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it (John 1:5).

The world, Satan, the darkness can never crush the Light of the world, our Hope, and our Savior.

I don’t know what you are going through, but I want to give you hope.

We are in a war.  Satan looks to be gaining victory, but we all know he is a pathetic jerk who has already lost.  And if he gets a foothold in your life, stomp on his toes with HOPE (Jesus).

God has been so good to me since my husband was killed, and He has giving me hope daily, but His ultimate answer to that IED in Bagdad has not yet come, but He will.

He will descend with a shout (1 Thess. 4:16).  My world will be totally righted, and so will yours.

I don’t know if your darkness will be righted in this life or the next, but I do  know it will be righted.  God has a way of resurrecting dead things and making wrongs right.

No matter what happens to you here, no matter what you endure, He is bigger.  He is also badder ( in the good sense of the world).  He can CRUSH the enemy under your feet if you put your HOPE in HIM.

“The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; those who live in a dark land, the light will shine on them.”  Isaiah 9:2

Hope Shines in the Dark

If you Dare to Believe.

Stand firm in Him.  Be strong in Him.  Do not lose hope (He will not disappoint us).


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