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The Ride Requires The Wait

P1050299I took my son to Disney last week.  Wow.  It is quite a place.  The amount of stuff there is mind-boggling.  There was one ride in particular that still stands out in my mind.  It’s called Fast Track.  It is something else.  You design your own car in about 5 minutes and then get into a car that takes you on a neon trip to see just how good your car has “performed” according to the competition.   You stop and go, you turn and twist, and then, at the end of the ride, you are taken outside and go really fast.

And I do mean really fast.

It was awesome.

But before you enter the area where you are asked to design your car, you are taken through a maze of car designs.   You get to look at them for a bit, and if there is a long line, a while.  Then you enter this area where you have these big screens.  When you touch these screens you get to understand how this design thing works. You move the circle over where you want the car body, but you aren’t yet making your car.  You are learning the process of how to go about making your car.

Then you are taken to the design station, where you are given five minutes to design your car, but without walking through the cars, or that screen that allows you to see how to design the lines of your car, you would be overwhelmed.  First, you would have no ideas. And second, if you didn’t know how to move that circle to make your lines you wouldn’t know where to begin.  It would take you five minutes just to figure it out.  Then you would be unable to choose the fun things like your car’s color, hubcaps etc.  The ultimate ride at the end wouldn’t be that fantastic because your car would fall far short of the competition.  You would feel cheated, and know you didn’t perform your best.

Disney is smart. They know you need to take things with baby steps. If you are dumped it all at one time, well, it would be just too much.

God is smart too.  You see, your ultimate purpose in life is the ride, the track, moving fast for God, but you can’t get there without walking through life and observing others, without touching and learning how to do what it is you are supposed to do.  Without the wait, without the growing in knowledge, you would have no clue what to do when you are in the design studio.  You would be lost when you got to your ultimate ride.

You legacy is the ride, the track, but there are steps along the way you have to do in order to make that track the ultimate ride.  There is a growing, a learning, and a waiting. God knows just how long you have to wait, and just how much you have to learn in order to prepare you for the ride.  Trust Him with your track.  In order to rank your highest, God needs you to wait in line for a bit.   You may only see the crowd, but God sees the ride.  He can’t wait to get you there


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