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In This New Year – Do NOT Cut Your Hair. Seriously.

IMG_2288Samson’s story is tragic.  And I do mean T-R-A-G-I-C.  At times I can barely ready it.  I keep finding myself saying.  “No, Samson!  Don’t do it!”

But he does.  And I cringe.  I wonder how many times God cringes when I go about my day.  Probably more than I want to admit.  But I digress.

There is one verse in Samson’s story that tells it all.  It is Judges 16:20.  “But he did not know that they Lord had departed from him.”

You know the story.  He let Delilah cut his hair.  At that point, the Lord left him.

I have always wondered why then?  Why not before?  Why not later?  Why at that moment did God leave him?  I mean, we all know that his HAIR wasn’t his strength – God was.  His hair was just a symbol.  So why then?

The answer came a few days ago.

You see, Samson was set apart at birth to be a deliverer of Israel. God told his parents he would be a Nazirite.  A Nazirite means “one who is set apart.”  To be a Nazirite was to be separate – different from other people.  A Nazirite was supposed to be a blazing light for God.

There were three things you had to do to show you were a Nazirite.

1 – You were to abstain from wine and strong drink. (Numbers 6:3)

2- You were to not cut your hair. (Numbers 6:5)

3- You were to not go near the dead.  (Numbers 6:6)

So enter Samson.  He was to be separate.  But he yearned for a Philistine bride.  The Israelites were not supposed to take foreign women (Exodus 34:16).   As in, he wasn’t setting himself apart too much.  On the way to see her, he kills a lion (Judges 14:5-6).  When he returns home he walks by the lion and a swarm of bees with honey is in the body.  The lion was dead. The bees were living in a dead carcass.  Remember rule number 3?  Don’t touch the dead.  But what does Samson do?  He not only goes near the lion – he EATS the honey (Judges 14:9)!  I mean can you say GROSS.  Yes, Samson showed little concern for rule number 3.

The story continues.  He marries the Philistine.  There is a big party or feast at this wedding (Judges 14:11).  The word for feast in the Hebrew is mishteh and it is derived from the word that means DRINK.  As in, this particular feast, this particular party involved a lot of drinking.  Remember rule number 1?  Samson showed little concern for it.

The story continues.  Samson falls in love with Delilah.  Not a good girl by the way.  She was trying to sell him out for money.  After MANY attempts to find his strength, she finally gets him.  She cuts his hair.  Now rule number 2 has been broken.

That was the last rule, the last vow, and the last thing that linked him to the Almighty.

Samson broke rule 3, then rule 1, and then rule 2.

God left him at that exact moment not because his hair was some sort of magical sign.  God left him at that exact moment because Samson had left God.

Can you slowly walk away from God?  You bet you can. You make a choice. It doesn’t seem so bad. Then you make another choice, getting easier now isn’t it?  Then at some point, you completely walk away.

I wanted to do this blog today because it is the New Year. I am not big on resolutions but this one resolution will be a good one.  Walk with God.  Stay with God.  Because if you make a choice against Him, the next time it just gets a little easier.  Satan wants it that way.  The jerk.  Watch for his jerkiness this year.  Stand firm in Christ.

Do not cut your hair 🙂

You know what I  mean.


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  1. jessica says - Posted: January 1, 2014

    um ….. remember when you made me cut your hair … ???

    that has nothing to do with this post …. the scissors shot just made me laugh.

    also. for real …. the slowness. it’s sneaky. thanks for this.


  2. Brenda says - Posted: January 2, 2014

    Great lesson!

  3. Mom says - Posted: January 4, 2014

    I really like that one ! Great one for the New Year. Kind of goes with a Christian writer in the newspaper today – the New Year is God’s gift to us to leave the failures of last year behind us where they become lessons as opposed to guilt trips, and face the New Year with great anticipation, hope, and determination to be of even more like Christ.