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Dragon Tales For Jesus – Wake To The Light

I introduced you to the new addition to our family back in February.  He is a Uromastyx lizard.  His name is Drago Valentino.

As I sat pondering what to blog, I got to thinking about Drago and I thought he might have something to share with us.  I mean, after all, he does rock.

So. . . lessons from Drago.

Drago is a desert lizard, meaning he needs it hot, I mean 100 – 120 degrees hot.  Seeing that the normal average American family does not do so well with house temperatures in that range, I have a heating light for Drago.  But Drago’s natural habitat gets down to about 70 at night, a wonderful temperature for a sleeping household, so at about 6 o’clock Drago makes his way into his hollowed out log at the opposite side of the cage, away from the light, and falls asleep.  The light eventually winks out via timer and does not come back on for 12 hours.  But when that light comes on, Drago crawls out of his hollowed out log and makes his way to the rock sitting directly under the light, lifts his head high, and basks in the glow.  As he sits, his skin, a dull yellowish brown at night, becomes bright yellow.  At times he closes his eyes, letting the light warm his body.  At times he cranes his neck higher, trying to get closer to the light.  At times he lays his head down on the rock and heaves a quite sigh, resting in the light.

Do we do the same in the morning when we wake?  Do we head to the light, bask in its warmth and let it penetrate our souls?

Think about it.

Jesus is our light.  Scripture calls him the “light of the world.”  Jesus is the Word.  Scripture calls the Word a “lamp to our feet and a light to our path.”   I want to ask you three questions.

1) Do we yearn for the light when we wake like Drago?  Is that our initial impulse?  To lift our heads to heaven and ask God to inundate our day with the truth of His Word?

2) When we do bask in His light, do we let it penetrate us so much so that others see the outward results like Drago’s skin turning brown to yellow?  Do we shine him?  Do others see that shine?  Or do we let the Word fade from our minds, never letting it transform us?

3) When we need to rest, when we need a shoulder to lean on, do we rest our heads on the Rock of our Savior like Drago?  Do we crave His touch above all others?  Do we trust the Rock above all else?

Something to think about.

Wake to the light.  I assure you, if you do, your day will never be darkness for “in Him there is no darkness at all.” (1 John 1:5)

nic (and drago)

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  1. jessica says - Posted: April 19, 2013

    imagine the reaction at our house this morning to a pic of drago valentino …. 😉 love it!!!!

    • Nic says - Posted: April 19, 2013

      Oh just wait. Kiera is in the next post! hee hee