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Dragon Tales For Jesus – Trust When Life Drop Kicks You

A few weeks back I had friends staying with me.  My dog gets a little out of sorts when attention is diverted.  So one night, my friend came down the stairs and told me she had found a little doggie accident on her bed.  Wonderful.  I had just cleaned up one from my kid’s bedroom.  Nic not happy.  So I immediately get up spouting invectives about my dog.  Oops.  I always hold Drago Valentino at night.  He normally sits on my shoulder under a jacket.  But it had gotten warm that week, so I was in a T-shirt.  Drago needs it dark at night, and a little warm, so I just had him on my lap under a blanket.  I stand up, forgetting all about the precious cargo.  Drago drops to the floor.  He is fast asleep; I mean FAST asleep. He drops like a rock from a 10-story building.  Without warning, my poor lizard plops on the hard wood floor with a “SMACK.”

I freaked.  “Drago Valentiiiiinnnnnnoooooooo! Oh no, oh no!”  I immediately pick him up.  He cocks his head and turns to me lazily with eyes halfway open.  “What the -?” I can almost hear him say.   But there was no franticness, no running away, no trying to whip me with his tail.  There was only a trusting little guy that really was not expecting a drop in the middle of his happy rest.  I placed him back under his hollowed out log in his house.  He closes his eyes and returns to sleep.

“No worries,” he seemed to be saying. “It happens.  I knew you would pick me back up.”

Oh the lessons we can learn from a lizard.  Oh the lessons we can learn!

At times life drop kicks us.  At times life sends a punch we aren’t expecting.  At times Satan slaps us hard.  At times evil touches our family.  At times the breath is taken out of our lungs and we are left gasping for air, wondering whether or not we can take the next breath.

Believe me, I have been there.

The lesson we can learn from Drago is this: do we trust Daddy’s hands to pick us back up – all the time?  Do we truly trust Him?  Despite the pain.  Despite the slap.  Despite gasping for air.  Do we trust Him?

Bad things happen.  Jesus did not promise us a “happy” life here.  Instead, He told us we would have trouble.  “In this world you will have trouble”  (John 16:33).  If we are with Him, we will have trouble, but if we are walking with Him, we should understand nothing can harm us.  Nothing.  His hands are right there, and when we fall, He has us.  When we hurt, He comforts us.  When we are gasping for breath, He promises us soon, when the shofar sounds, there will be no more pain.  He promises us when we die, we truly don’t die – we live.

Do we trust Him?  In small problems.  In large.  In prosperity?  In squalor?  In joy?  In sorrow?  In life.  In death?

Do we trust His hands?

Something to think about.

nic (and drago)

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