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Dare to Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

DSC_2420Nothing is too big for God because God is big.  So dare to dream.  Dare to hope.  Dare to expect what He told you was soon to come.  Dare to think outside of the box.  Dare to believe what the world is telling you to stop believing in.

I sat in silence last night watching pictures of Sequoia National Park flash across my television screen. Something about that place just makes me feel closer to God. It is interesting to me that others do not feel the same. They look at a few trees and are ready to move on to what they feel are bigger and better things – such as Yosemite National Park which is just north of Sequoia.

I have come to believe you are either a scenery person or a tree person. You either like the grand view or the up close and personal experience. Don’t get me wrong, Yosemite is absolutely spectacular, but it just doesn’t do much for me. I can touch a mountain, but by the time I get close enough to touch it, it is something less than a mountain.  The big is so big it loses its bigness up close. The big becomes less, if that makes sense.

But the trees. You can touch them and still visualize their size. They are huge, stories high, and so wide cars can drive through them. You look up and can see the top but you can’t imagine how something could ever grow so tall. They dwarf you, like a mountain, but they are seeable enough to still make you feel small.

When I walk amongst Sequoia trees I feel God there. I see His bigness but I also see how His vastness wants to touch us. Like the Ents in the Lord of the Rings, God wants to walk among his people. “I will also walk among you and be your God, and you shall be My people” (Leviticus 26:12).

When I look at those trees, I can also visualize how little our problems must appear to God. I wonder why He isn’t more frustrated with my lack of belief and my doubts when walking through the challenges of life. He has us, like the Ent had Pippin and Merry in Lord of the Rings, but we continue to focus on the mountain in the distance and not the hand holding us.

So today, I want you to dare. Dare to believe. Dare to hope. Dare to relax your grip and sit back and enjoy the ride.


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