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dicenzoinblackandwhite019I will be more than willing to speak at your church or small group about my story or my passions: the Return of the King, the Millennial Reign of Christ, Heaven, or Creation.  If you are a small group doing one of my Bible Studies, please let me know and we can set up an hour facetime, skype, or conference call with the group.  Would love to answer any questions you might have or just talk about what you want to learn more about.

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as I can.

Jesus is coming and He SHINES.

I am looking forward to meeting you in the skies, Christian soldiers!

May whatever you are suffering or whatever you are experiencing be filled with God’s hope.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


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