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  • Horses and Purpose

    Horses and Purpose

    Strange title huh?  But it fits this blog. Today I went to my fabulous bible study group.  We are doing Beth Moore’s video driven bible study “David.”  She started talking today about how sometimes you need to be “alone” with God – just you and Him.   One of those times is when you “are […]

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  • Roses on a Dark Day

    Roses on a Dark Day

    Valentines day really sucks for me.  Actually, for most of my life it hasn’t been fabulous.  I was too scared to date in High School and Doug didn’t enter my life until I was 29.  After that, Val’s day was fairly good for 6 years. Then THE day happened where two soldier’s knocked on my […]

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  • The Frame

    The Frame

    The frame has been talking a ton today.   Even the special  message of “I love you” has been blurting out of the frame for 2 days now.  Think my husband knows I need it?  Yes.  Do you think my Daddy and my Jesus know?  You bet.  We have a great God, my faithful friends. […]

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  • Seventeen


    I was having a hard time keeping it together this morning.  Nothing major, but then, major.   Everything is  major when it is yours right? And it is Christmas.  Everything is harder at Christmas.  Dates are really important to me, as they are for many folks.  Doug and I met on December 11th and our […]

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  • Why is life so hard?

    Why is life so hard?

    Anyone with me?  Life is hard.  What you thought should be easy is not.  It is not.  Family, friends, easy right.?  Wrong.  Sorry.   This is your Captain speaking, and you are in for a little turbulence. Great. That is all you need right?  Especially at this time of year?  Well, here is the deal. […]

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  • 928


    Hebrews 9:28 says, “So Christ was offered as a sacrifice one time to take away the sins of many people.  And He will come a second time, not to offer Himself for sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for Him.” He will come again. And He will bring salvation to those […]

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  • 1492


    “Nic, you need to make the price of your book something ridiculous like $12.41 or $18.27,” Amanda said laughing.  She had a point.  I am a little quirky.   And I had the power to name the price.  What would it be?  Something fun.  Something people would remember.  Something Nic.  The only number I could come […]

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  • And so it begins. . .

    And so it begins. . .

    The proof of the book came in the mail on October 4th. It looked great so I got online and pushed “GO!” Now, it is out for all to read. Two people actually got the book in the mail today. I know of one who is reading as I am typing this. Kinda nervous. But […]

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