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  • Wholly Devoted, yet Wholly Not

    Wholly Devoted, yet Wholly Not

    Can you be wholly devoted to God, yet not rely on Him? Can you be wholly devoted to the Lord, yet miss Him? The answer seems to be – “Yes.” There was a king of Judah named Asa.  It says in 1 Kings 15:14 that Asa “was wholly devoted to the Lord all his days.”  […]

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  • We’ve Rescinded His Invitation

    We’ve Rescinded His Invitation

    You are having a conversations with a co-worker about all the bad stuff happening in the world.  You make a comment that perhaps it is time for Jesus to come back.  You expect a casual nod, or a “tell me about it,” or at least a polite change of topic.  What if the response was, […]

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  • Dare To Be Different

    Dare To Be Different

    David’s family was a mess. A 100% catastrophe. David was a man after God’s own heart – but he had a little too much mercy on his own family.  He never ruled with the “rod of discipline” as it says to do in Proverbs 13:24.  “He who withholds his rod hates his son, but he […]

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  • Are You Hiding Among the Baggage?

    Are You Hiding Among the Baggage?

    I ran across a jewel the other day.  I had never connected these two verses before, but when you put them together – WHAM-O – something happens.  Here is the first verse: “Therefore they inquired further of the Lord, ‘Has the man [Saul] come here yet?’  So the Lord said, ‘Behold, he is hiding himself […]

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  • Twelve Legions of Angels

    Twelve Legions of Angels

    Today is Passover in the Jewish culture – it was the day Jesus was taken by the authorities, given an unfair trial, and condemned to death.  I am reading through Matthew right now, and a verse jumped out at me.  It comes when Peter cuts off an ear of a guard in order to hinder […]

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  • Heaven Video Devotional

    Heaven Video Devotional

    Is heaven boring?  Far from it.  We need to stop fearing heaven and actually get giddy about it!

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  • The Cherubim and the Seraphim

    The Cherubim and the Seraphim

    Grab a beverage and sit down with me for 7 minutes.  These angel’s are going to rock your world.  And you will know a thing or two about Satan once it is all said and done! http://youtu.be/2RaEB3516X4

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  • The False Prophet vs. Jesus “Indiana Jones” Video Devotional

    The False Prophet vs. Jesus “Indiana Jones” Video Devotional

    This talks about Islamic theology and their version of our False Prophet. Their “good guy” goes against their “bad guy” and comes out the victor. We know better. According to us, Jesus wins. According to them, Jesus loses. But Jesus will be Indiana Jones in the last days. No doubt. http://youtu.be/AOPK3lJt4Qw

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  • Signs


    I watched “Bruce Almighty” the other night. I had seen it years ago, but when I was thinking about my blog, I got to thinking about signs, and I thought a refresher of the movie might be good.  One scene in particular has always stood out in my mind.  You might remember it.  Jim Carrey […]

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