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When You Go Nose To Nose, I Dare You To Pray For The Moxie Of Jesus

I just love Jesus.  I mean, the guy had guts.  Many in the church today think Jesus was “meek and mild,” but I beg to differ.  Jesus was a Bad Ass.  Sorry, easily offended Christian friends, but it is the truth.

I mean I can almost hear George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone!” blaring in the background as Jesus walks into the temple, ready to heal anyone who has a little faith.

Jesus wasn’t a bully.  He didn’t hunt you down to play the massive, “I know everything and you know nothing card.”  He waited until you came to Him, and then if you wanted to tangle, He really drove the nail into your coffin of unbelief.

Case in point, in Luke 6 there is a story about a man with a withered hand sitting in the synagogue where Jesus was teaching.  It was the Sabbath. By Jewish custom, you weren’t supposed to do any work on the Sabbath.  The Pharisees had taken this commandment and mutilated it to where people could hardly move from point A to point B.  They had muddied God’s law to their own vision and they were blinding the people to the truth of God’s love.  The Jewish leaders knew Jesus didn’t play by their rules. They had witnessed Him healing on the Sabbath before. So, they waited in the temple that day to “find reason to accuse Him.”

They sat and they watched.

Jesus “knew what they were thinking.” 

Jesus didn’t walk over to the man with the withered hand and speak to him quietly. Jesus didn’t try to come back to the man after the Pharisees left.  And Jesus sure didn’t back down from the situation by playing the middle road.  No.  You see, Jesus had moxie.

According to the free online dictionary moxie is “the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.”  Moxie is “skill, know-how.”

Oh, Jesus had some moxie.  In front of the Pharisees Jesus ordered the man with the withered hand to, “Get up and come forward!”  The way the text reads, Jesus didn’t just say those words, He shouted them.  “GET OVER HERE!”

Jesus didn’t have to do this you know. He could have healed the man’s hand in secret and not made a show of it.  He is God, after all.  But He didn’t.  Jesus stood His ground.

Then Jesus spoke to THEM.  I want you to notice that.  The Pharisees wanted to accuse Him, and Jesus addresses them in front of everyone.  They wanted to trap Him, and Jesus stands up tall and does not back down.  They wanted to kill Him, and Jesus puts two feet on the rock of truth and resolves to showcase their hypocrasy.

When the man with the withered hand comes forward, Jesus doesn’t even address him.  Instead, He turns to the Pharisees and says, “I ask you, is it lawful to do good or to do harm on the Sabbath, to save a life or to destroy it?”

Moxie?  You got them apples right.  Jesus was smart.  How often do you think of a question to prove your point?  Hardly ever, right?  We normally sputter off why we believe what we believe.  Not Jesus.  Jesus showed He had moxie by asking them a question.   You see, questions that make the offender answer in a way that proves them wrong proves the point better without pointing a finger.   Remember that definition of moxie?  Skill.  Know-how.  Jesus moxied His way into asking the question that would prove His point.

Of course, the Pharisees didn’t answer His quesiton, because they knew Jesus had just called check-mate.  The wanna-be trappers become the trapped.

Then you know what Jesus did?  In the silence of the unanswered question, Jesus “looked around at them all.”

Now I want you to pause here and think about this.  Jesus didn’t just glance at them before turning to the man with the withered hand.  He LOOKED at them ALL.  He looked, waiting for their answer that would never come. He knew it.  They knew it.  But He looked at them anyway, one by one, pausing, deliberately, on each man’s eyes.  Asking them.  Daring them.   To prove Him wrong.

Can you imagine staring an irate Son of God in the eyes?  Can you imagine those eyes piercing your very soul?  Can you imagin not peeing in your pants?  Can you imagine what type of man it took to hold it all together?  Think about that for a New York minute.  Who would not cower like a wounded animal before the Son of Man?  Who would not admit they were in error?

A man who thinks they are right, that is who.  A man who feels like he can trump God.  Can you imagine THAT!?

Jesus was fed up with the self righteous wanna-be religious people of His day.  He was DONE.

He said to the man with the withered hand.  “Stretch out your hand!”  Again, the test indicates this was not done in a soft, even tone.  Jesus commanded in a loud voice, “GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

I don’t have to tell you  what happened.  The hand was healed, the Pharisees were ticked, and Jesus walked away with all of His moxie in tact.

Meek and mild?  Not on your life.  If  you got in Jesus’ face, He would “look you in the eyes” and prove His point with MOXIE.

The truth mattered to Him.  Why?  He “is the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).

Jesus was the truth on feet.  He walked the truth because He WAS the truth.

The truth with Moxie.

Here is my DARE this week.  When someone confonts you, I want you to stop and pray before answering.  Ask God for a question to ask back.  Ask Him for the moxie of Jesus.

Nail the truth home by making THEM answer.

I dare you.

Pray for the moxie of Jesus.


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  1. Hallee Bridgeman says - Posted: November 4, 2012

    I am tweeting this, sister. — In Christ, Hallee.

    • Nic says - Posted: November 4, 2012

      Thanks girl! Let’s Shine Him!