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What Is At Your Core And Why Does Satan Want It?

Why are you here?  Why do you exist? Who are you?

Most of us have asked these questions at some point in our lives, but to the Christian, these questions have relatively simple answers.  We are here to serve God.  We exist because He made us.  We have our identity in Christ.  We live to SHNE Him.  Simple.

Now, what is at your core?

You know, deep down, the something that makes you you.  God put it there. It is the diamond in your personality.  It is the shining star, no doubt ,where Christ shines His light from inside you.  It pulses.  It radiates.  It sings.

Your core.  You know it?

Most of us will stumble over this answer.  Most of us just can’t put our finger on it.  We know us, but we don’t know us.  There is so much of us to know!  What is our core?  What is the something that makes us us?

I am a writer.  I write more than blogs.  I write fantasy.  You know, dragons, castles, and swords.  Good verses evil.  Hobbit stuff.

My main character is a guy named Ren, but I have a lot of other characters in the book, many the reader gets to know intimately.  I know them intimately.  I know what they are going to say and how they are going to say it.  I can picture them clearly.  They move with ease. They remark with confidence.  They fight with power.

But not Ren.  Ren is an enigma.  He is real, but he is blurred.  He is the story, yet he is fuzzy, aloof, and not quite totally real for me.  It bothered me for some time.  Why don’t I know my main character?  Why can’t I go deeper?  Why is it always so hard to understand and sort out his thoughts?

Then I read something that made me stop and marvel.  You see, most of the time, unbeknownst to the writer, the writer transfers his or her own personality to the main character.

I am Ren.  And I can’t get to my core – or his.  No matter how hard I try, my core eludes me.  Why?  Because something so simple is too complex to find beyond the layers of personality.  How can you narrow down your focus to one or even a few words, thoughts, or purposes?

I took my seven year old to see “Rise of the Guardians” the other night.  In the movie, they talk about the core.

Jack Frost doesn’t know his core.  He spends the movie trying to find it.  And when he does, everything comes into focus.  It is just one word, but that one word embodies everything he does.  He is who he is because of that one word.

Now, most of you are thinking – Jesus.  Jesus is the core.  Yes, yes, and yes!  He is!  But He is shining out of a unique you, a diamond in the center of you, something He has molded and shaped.

Think about it like this.  You have a diamond in the middle carved by God, and it has facets different from every other person alive.  These facets shine their brightest when all the facets are radiating His light.  One facet, half the facets, almost all the facets shining aren’t the pinnacle of shine.  Nope.  All of them need to be used.  All of your uniqueness.  All of your core.

When all the facets are shining, when all inhibitions have given way, the SHINE will be so bright it will be blinding, because HE is blinding and when He SHINES out of a diamond uniquely cut and shaped by HIM, that has surrendered completely to HIS SHINE, well, WOW.

I am saying all that to say this.  Satan knows this too.  And his jerk-i-ness will do anything to inhibit one or multiple facets from shining.  He will cause you fear.  He will cause you doubt.  He will cause you jealousy.  He will cause you anger.  He will cause you insecurity.  He will cause you. . . anything he possibly can to get that diamond to merely flicker.

When I look back on my life I can see his jerk-i-nesses handiwork.  I can see how he stifled my core.  I can see how he tried to blind me to the truth.  I can see it.  Wow, can I see it.  And he is still at it, still trying to toss the cloth of darkness over the facets of my core, causing the shine to be less than the full shine of my Savior.

I really don’t like Satan.  And lately I have been getting angry at him.  It helps me attack him with the Sword of the Word (Jesus) in my hand.  Slash.  Slash.  Slash.  “I will CUT you, Jerk.  I have THE sword, not just A sword.  Don’t mess with Moxie.”

That is what we need to do – fight.  Realize this. . .

We.  Are.  In.  A.  War.  For.  Our.  Minds.

Our core is under attack.

But Daddy equips us for the battle.  We are prepare if we know how to fight.

“Blessed by the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.” Psalm 144:1

“He trains my hands for battle.  My arms can bend a bow of bronze.” Psalm 18:34

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses.”  2 Corinthians 10:4

We just gotta realize our battle is spiritual and our weapons are HIM.

What is at your core?  What is the enemy trying to stifle?  And what is our God trying to SHINE through?  It  may not be one thing like Jack Frost, it may  be a certain number of somethings, but it can be defined.

It is your mission statement. It is your moxie.  It is your core.

And He is at the center, SHINING.  He is at the center, waiting for you to surrender – everything – so that every single facet can SHINE Him.

You see, shining is the key.   And SHINING is being bold in our faith.  And who makes us bold?  HIM.  Because we aren’t bold in ourselves, but in Him.  Our confidence is not in ourselves, but in HIM.

“You made me bold with strength in my soul.” Psalm 138:3

And what is our strength?

“I love You, O Lord, my strength.”  Psalm 18:1

We have strength in our soul, and our strength is Him.  Yes, it all goes back to Jesus.  Our core.  Because without him, that diamond would be black.  With HIm, and with Him only, can it SHINE.

It is just up to you to walk to the enemy who is sending doubt/insecurity/fear/jealousy/pride/anger/guilt/unforgiveness, who is causing your facets to fade, and CUT him DOWN with TRUTH.


I can’t wait to see your diamond shine.  When you see mine, give a holler.

Let’s win this thing.


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