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The Hunt of a Lifetime

img_1464This past weekend some great guys took my kid hunting.  This hunt was exclusively for Gold Star Families – or families that have lost someone in service to their country.  My boy was one of six boys who were taken out by four different hunters during a two day period of time (morning and evening x two).  My son Dak got to spend time with men like his dad — whom he never knew — for a good bit of time — shooting guns and being a boy.  That is something I can never give him.  That is something I am eternally grateful for.

This group gave over and above what they needed to give.  One sponsor bought him a new hunting mask and overalls.  Another gave him an army sweat shirt.  Another allowed him to target practice – even tough that wasn’t in the plan.   Again and again. Time after time.  Dak got a taste of what it would be like to have a father.

Overabundance.  Unending love.  Unlimited devotion.

But that is what we have with God, is it not?  Overabundance.  Unending love.  Unlimited devotion.

Sometimes we forget we have these things. When husbands are killed. When kids are sick.  When cancer eats away at our bodies.  When bad times come, we falter.  We doubt.  We question.

But God’s love is there.  God is there.  God is always there.  You see, we chose this life, not directly, but indirectly through the fall.  But don’t blame Adam and Eve.  Blame yourself, because you would have fallen for Satan’s tactics long before the first man and the first woman.  They were perfect in the beginning.  We are not.  The serpent said to them, “Did God really say?”  We would have said, “Give me the fruit.”

Adam and Eve doubted God’s faithfulness.  We still doubt God today: His words: His rules: His faithfulness.  Because as humans we tend to look at this life, not the next. We focus on the now, not eternity.

But as soon as we fell, God was looking at eternity.

Death came, but so did the Life – Jesus.

Overabundance. Unending love.  Unlimited devotion.

That is who God is.   Salvation.  That is what Jesus name means — Salvation.  He saves us from death.  From cancer.  From this life of decay and sin.  With Jesus, you hit the mark — every time.  Because He is the mark.  Through Him, we win — every time.  Because He is perfect.  If we are in Him, we have eternal life, because He IS the life.  Fascinating.  Incredible.  What was His sacrifice?  Overabundance.  Unending love.  Unlimited Devotion.

For what?  For us.  For us to have a father, even if we don’t have one here.  For us to have hope, even if our lives look hopeless.  For us to have life, even if facing death.

“I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live, even if he dies.”  John 11:25

And He gives me, in my journey without my husband, men who can pick up a gun like Dak’s dad  and take Dak by the hand and say — walk with me a minute.  Let’s talk about Jesus.

Overabundance. Unending love.  Unlimited devotion.

There was a TV film crew there, at the Gold Star Hunt.  They call themselves the Twin Factor.  They are twin brothers who love the Lord.  I didn’t know anything about them when I went to the hunt; I was just grateful they were there. But they are an inspiration, combining “man stuff'” with “God stuff” and really hitting the mark everywhere they go.  Now my kid is on the couch — in his hunting gear — watching two hunters that love the Lord just be men and be real and be inspiring.  #praisethelord #bereal #bethefactor

With men like that in Dak’s life, with men who take my kid hunting, with men who talk about Jesus, how can he fail to hit the mark?

Dak shot a 179 pound boar on the first hunt (he can’t round to 180 pounds or he would be lying – his words – praise the Lord he knows the difference a pound can make, because in this crazy world, you can’t compromise the truth one bit – because Jesus is the truth) :).  My Dak has hit the mark.

We hit the mark too when we are in Him.  No matter what our life looks like here, it looks perfect there. He knows the future. Trust Him in this life, even if it is filled with pain. Because there?  There is forever.  And there is something to hope for.

🙂 nic

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  1. Brandy says - Posted: November 16, 2016

    So sweet. Made me cry,. You are an amazing single mama even though I know your not single with God by your side. You get what you put into a relationship and I know you put in 110% with God so I know He gives 220% back. He fills your cup when it gets to the halfway mark so that we never run dry or get thirsty. This is one of those moments. He cares about the little things and yes always goes above and beyond. I was a single mama for 10yrs. I tear up remembering all the times God did things like this for me and my daughter over the years! Love you dearly! So glad our lives crossed paths.

    • Nic says - Posted: November 16, 2016

      🙂 Thanks Brandy! It was awesome. Dak is blessed in a big way. 🙂 Love you too!