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Sometimes A Good Thing Is Not the Right Thing

P1040537I had to give away my husky the other day.  He was my heart, but he was too much.  I rescued him last year because he was being abused and neglected.  I fell in love with the guy but knew in my heart he would be too much with all my other animals.  He was, but everyone that came to my house said things like, “He is so good!”  or “He is the most well-behaved dog I have ever seen!”

Yes, he was.  He was amazing.  He was sweet and just an all out joy.  The second day he was with me he actually walked into my bedroom, smiled at me, and gave me a paw.  I am not kidding.  The dog SMILED at me.  His lips went up, his teeth showed, and his eyes got a little squishy.  It was unbelievable.  How can you give away a dog that is just so happy he is being loved?  I couldn’t.  So I kept him.  The longer he was with me I knew it wasn’t right, but he was so GOOD.  And I loved him.  So I continued in my not “right” situation for over a year.

But each day during that year I knew it wasn’t right, no matter how many comments I got from friends and family along the way about how wonderful he was.  Everyone commenting on how perfect he was didn’t have to own him.

Huskies are hairy, so obviously, my vacuuming responsibilities quadrupled.  Huskies are escape artists, so obviously many days were spent chasing him around the neighborhood.  Huskies are really good escape artists, so obviously sometimes my chasing did no good, and I received calls from the pound telling me how much I owed for the first, second, and even third offence.

But when he was with me, he was perfect.  He put his head in my lap, so I tried to ignore yelling at my kid for not closing the front door.  He smiled at me, so I tried to ignore the locked gate in the back hindering the lawn team I hired once a month from mowing my backyard.  He followed me everywhere, so I tried to ignore the fact I wasn’t really giving my other dog the time of day.  So I vacuumed and I mowed.  And I did it again and again – because I loved him.

But it wasn’t right.  I knew it in my heart it wasn’t right.  I knew it day one.  I wasn’t giving him the attention he deserved.  I wasn’t giving my other dog the attention she deserved. I wasn’t giving my cat the attention she deserved – because I only had two hands.  And all my animals love me – like really love me – even my cat.  So every morning as I sat on my floor to read my Bible, my cat would crawl all over the pages, my husky would give me a paw and smell my ear, and my other dog would be so jealous she would continuously lick my leg like it was a drumstick.  Every day I would wave my arms around and say, “Stop already.  Go away for crying out loud.  Give me my personal space!”

Animals don’t get that.  So both dogs are glued to my side and my cat is in my lap and I don’t know which one to pet because – you got it – I only have two hands.

Finally, I admitted to myself that it was too much.  A good thing is not always the right thing.  What is in your life that is good and not right?  You know EXACTLY what it is.  But everyone else is telling you it is perfect.  Everyone else is telling you it is good.  Everyone else is telling you that this is IT.  And you are buying it.

But it is not right.  Not for you.  You know this, yet you continue down the course of having the good thing.  There is a problem here.  If you continue to have the good thing you will never have the RIGHT thing.  Here is what we need to know – if we find the right thing it is not only going to be good – it is going to be fantastic.  Let me say that another way.  If you settle for the good thing – you will never have the fantastic thing.

Many times we hold on to the good in fear that we will disappoint other people if we let go of the “good” they think is right for us.   We hold on, trying to convince ourselves that surely all the other voices around us are right.  That the good is the good for us.  But we know its not, because even though it is good – it’s not right.

We can have the fantastic.  We can, if we are bold enough to let go of the good.  Are you willing to do that? Are you ready to step out in faith, not listen to the voices, and be with the fantastic?

That is what God wants for you.  That is what He has for you if you would trust what He is telling you.

“Step away,” God is saying.  “Over here is the life for you.  Don’t settle for the good when you can have the unbelievable.”

Scripture says, “The Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you.”  Isaiah 30:18

But if we still cling to the good, how can He show us the fantastic?  And here is something else to think about.  The “good” we are holding onto can also have the fantastic.  But if we continue to hold on, they won’t see fantastic either.

I loved my husky, but the people I found to take him will love him even more.  He is their only dog.  This mother and daughter team suffered from emotional abuse for 5 years.  They escaped, just like my husky.   Dog and owner understand each other and the empty this mom and daughter feel can be filled by a smiling dog.  They will love him so much that my husky will now have the fantastic.  With me he only had the good.  He will smile every day now, not just once a week.  My heart sings for him.  I loved that dog.  But he will be loved so much more.

He will have the fantastic.

You can too.

Let go of the good if it is not right.

Let God show to the way to the fantastic.  You won’t regret it.


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