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Moxie Shine. The Jerk Is Already Toast.

Satan is a jerk.  I am sure you know that already, but I have had about enough.  Last week I told you a little of my story and how I am battling the enemy.  If you are for Christ, Satan hates you.  If you are shining for Christ, Satan is now bringing out the big guns and aiming them right at your face.  Why?  We are in the last days.  If you don’t believe that yet, you might want to go here, but I am sure most of you reading this blog actually belive that Jesus’ return is at the door.

Scripture indicates that in the last days we better don our full armor because the world is going to get a little nuts.  “Now the Holy Spirit clearly says that in the later times some people will stop believing the faith.  They will follow spirits that lie and teachings of demons.  Such teachings come from the false words of liars whose consciences are destroyed as if by a hot iron.”  1 Timothy 4:1-2

This is basically telling us that in the later times deception will be rampant.  That means the spiritual world surrounding us will be set on fire.  Listen.

“There was a war in heaven.  Michael and the angels fought against the dragon (SATAN) and his angels, and the dragon and his angels fought back.  And they were not strong enough, and there was no longer a place found for them in heaven.”  Revelation 12:7  

No wonder, the Jerk is ticked.  He is ticked because he knows that “he does not have much time.” Revelation 12:11  Jesus is about to kick his sorry @$$.

I read something once that caught my attention.  It said something like this, “You don’t see much demon activity until the time of Jesus.  The demonic came out of the woodwork because they knew it was the time of the Messiah.  You will see the same ramp up in the demonic in the last days.”

I don’t know if I doubt that statement.  Has anyone really looked around the world lately?  Does ANYONE doubt increased crazy madness?

You see, if we’re in the last days, the jerk is ticked.  He knows his time is short and he knows God will win the victory.  He is doing everything he can to screw us up. He is whispering everything in our ears to turn us from the light.  And he doesn’t give a rip how much he hurts us.  There is aspirituial battle waging over our heads that would blow our  minds if we actually witnessed it.  Ever read Daniel chapter 10?  An angel appears to Daniel, telling Daniel he is so sorry he is a little late in answering Daniel’s request.  This angel was busy fighting another (bad) angel and it was just a mess until Michael the archangel came to help him.


You see, there is always a spiritual battle.  And now?  In the last days?  Can you imagine what Satan is thinking?  He is pulling out all his cards.  He is swinging whatever weopons he has as quickly as he can.  You see, it is his last shot for the crown.

And he HATES the saints (Rev. 12:17).

He hates us because we love HIM.  He hates us because we will never bow down to his jerk-y-ness.  And he hates us because we are shining Jesus.

Oh how he hates us!

I told you in my last blog post how I have been overcome by fear.  God does not give us a spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7).  So if you feel fear, it is of the enemy.  I knew when I made that post many reading this blog were probably battling something.  What surprised me was the quick responses I received after that post.

One girl said, “Same feelings gripping me lately. . . also prayed with seemingly no response so I felt like maybe God was testing my faith verses my feelings of whether or not I actually believed He was there.”

And another, “Funny thing is that I am feeling fearful or maybe anxious is a better word.  Things feel unsettled but yet my life is very settled.  I don’t know if it is because I know negative things happening in the world quickly.  What is wrong seems right; what is right seems wrong.  Everything around us in the news seems like everything is getting worse faster and faster.  Some things help calm my fears but something just lingers in me.”

You see, his jerk-y-ness knows when you are believing God.  His jerk-y-ness understands that if he lets you shine, others will see the light.

He will do anything to stop it.  Anything.

And what is one of the things he uses to try to stop your faith?  Fear.

Go back to the garden of Eden.  What did Adam and Eve do?  They hid.  Now, why would they hide?  “I was afraid.” Genesis 3:10

The enemy causes us to fear.  It’s a good thing the elect know God is still with them.  That is the only thing that can stop the enemy.

Here are some scriptures that have helped me.

“Lord, my God, I trust in you for protection.  Save me and rescue me.” Psalm 7:1

“Lord, you are my shield, my wonderful God who gives me courage.”  Psalm 3:3

“He sent out His word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction.”  Psalm 107:70

And you know, when Daddy’s word goes out, things happen, because Daddy’s word is Jesus (John 1:1)

“Then the Lord said to me, ‘You have seen well, for I am watching over my WORD, to perform it.”  Jeremiah 1:12

You see, when God speaks, it is done.  He who executes his WORD is powerful (Joel 2:11).  Of course!  Because the Word is Jesus Himself.

Don’t mess with the Savior.  He has already crushed the head of the enemy (Genesis 3:15).

Don’t mess with Jesus.  He has bolts of lightening as His arrows.  I’m not kidding. (Habakkuk 3:4, Psalm 18:14)

Jerk, thinking he can overcome the elect with fear.  He has another thing coming – like the elect shining like the stars forever and ever (Daniel 12:3).

Here is what I believe.  The war is already raging around us.  Daddy is trying to teach us how to claim the victory .  Claim it, christian soldiers.  It is already yours.

It is time for some bold faith.  It is time for some moxie shine.  It is time to stand firm, be strong, and shine truth.  It is time to say out loud:

“I am DONE Jerk.  I am DONE.   You want a piece of me?  Do you?  Let me tell you what you have to get through first.  You see, Jesus will “sharpen his sword; he will string his bow and take aim.  He has prepared his deadly weapons; he has made his flaming arrows.”  Psalm 7:12-13

Doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it?  Don’t mess with Daddy’s girls, you piece of trash.  Daddy’s girls got some Moxie.

And you are bonafide toast.

Burnt.  Double.  Crispy.  Fried.


So Christian soldiers, I want you to stand firm and be strong.  The war has already begun.  But the war has already been won.

“Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

Moxie shine.


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