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Let’s Ram a Tent Peg Into The Enemy’s Head.

For the past month or so I have been studying women in scripture. Specifically, I have been studying how women can be used by God.  Women leadership has always been a major issue in the church.  Can women be leaders?  What is God’s will on this?

There are opinions from all corners on this topic, but one of the arguments for women leadership is Deborah.

Deborah was the fourth judge of Israel named in the book of Judges.  As you read her story you know quite clearly this was a very godly woman.  She was a prophetess, people came to her for judgment, and she had the kahoonas to summon the leader of the army – Barak – to tell him to get off his tuchus and go to war.

Surprisingly, Barak said he wouldn’t go to war without her.  Now, isn’t that interesting?  This tells us that Deborah wasn’t only godly, she was VERY well respected.

Deborah told Barak she would go with him, but also proceeded to tell him that because of his request he would receive no glory for defeating the enemy – a woman would.

Some scholars say Deborah was speaking about herself, but I’m not convinced.  You see, there is another woman in this story.  Her name is Jael.

Jael is my new favorite woman in scripture.  This lady was something else.  The general of the enemy’s army was fleeing from Barak and came to her tent.  She said she would hide him, brought him into her tent, covered him with a rug, and gave him milk to drink.  The man was already tired.  The milk and the warm rug were too much – he fell asleep – as Jael knew he would.  Know what happens next?

“Jael. . .took a tent peg and seized a hammer in her hand, and went secretly to him and drove the peg into his temple until it went through into the ground for he was sound asleep and exhausted.  So he died.”  Judges 4:21

I mean hot-freaking-dog! Would YOU have the guts to do that?  Man oh man.  I want to be like Jael.   See your hand.  See the enemy.  And know your hand can plummet his brains if you have a little faith in God.


Now I want to tell you something really interesting.  Jael’s name is formed by three consonants in Hebrew – equivalent to our Y O and L.  Each consonant in the Hebrew has a meaning.  Do you know what Jael’s name “means” when you look at the Hebrew meaning of her three consonants?

JAEL is the HAND that SEES the ROD.

You bet Jael saw the rod.  She took that rod in her hand and drove that bad boy into the brains of the enemy!

Boldness.  Conviction.

Now think about this.  That word “tent” in the above verse about Jael is the same word used to describe the inner TENT of the tabernacle (Exodus 40:34), or God’s dwelling place.  As in, the peg Jael used to crush the enemy was a TENT peg/nail or stake.  You could infer from this scritpure a very important lesson.  You need a peg or nail from God’s tent (or tabernacle) to defeat the enemy.

In other words, to drive the crushing blow to the enemy, we have to use a peg from God’s tent.

What in the world would that be?  Listen to this scripture.

“From Judah will come the cornerstone, and the tent peg, the battle bow, and every ruler.”  Zechariah 10:4

Who came from Judah?  Jesus (Luke 3:33).  Who is the cornerstone?  Jesus (1 Peter 2:6).  Jesus is also the TENT PEG!  Oh for the love!  I need to get up and dance a jig!

You need Jesus – the TENT PEG – who is in God’s tabernacle, or dwelling place  – to wage a crushing blow to the enemy.

Go Jael.  Go girl.  You GO.  You crush that enemy with the nail of the covenant.  Jesus.

Go faithful friends.  Go with boldness and conviction.  Know that your hand can see the rod and your hand can defeat the enemy with the rod of Christ.

Wow.  My mind is blown.  My mind is really blown.  I just LOVE God’s Word.  And if you LOVE God’s Word, who do you love?

You guessed it.  Jesus (John 1:1).  The Tent Peg.

I just can’t stop.  Tent Peg.  Jesus.



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  1. Brenda says - Posted: October 22, 2012

    Wow, love those golden nuggets that comes from God’s Word!