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Let Freedom Ring


We went to a fourth of July celebration the other night.  There were fireworks and food and rides and slides.  Dak had a blast.  At one point people started pointing to the skies.  Some parachuters had jumped out of a helicopter and they were spinning in the clouds with some streaming red smoke behind them. They were right over our heads.  One of the guys even opened up a large American flag and sent it flapping in the wind.

Why is it that the sight of the flag always makes my heart jump?

Anyone else feel that way?

It stands for freedom.  It stands for blood and guts and courage on the battlefield.   It stands for duty and honor and country and well – love.

What has happened to us lately?  Anyone with me?  Does anyone recognize the path we are heading down in this country?  Universal healthcare.  Universal schooling. Tolerance for all.  Let the enemy in. It’s okay – they won’t slit your throat later.  You can burn the flag.  It’s okay – freedom of speech and all.


This makes me think back to 9-1-1.

Do you remember you couldn’t find an American flag in the store?  They were sold out. We donned flags on our jackets, flags on our cars, flags on our doorsteps, flags in our windows, flags flapped in little girls’ hair, flags went on our backpacks, flags lined our driveways.  Flags were everywhere because we were united then – common enemy – common goal.  America’s spirit came back.

I remember those days.  I remember my tears as the Twin Towers fell down.  I remember the confusion and the fear, but I also remember the spirit of conviction.  I remember standing tall with those around me – republican and democrat – conservative and liberal – while the spirit in the wind whispered, “America will stand.”

Do you remember?  Despite the blackness of those days, there was light, because we “got it” again.  We had lost something precious and we felt the blood draining from our souls and we knew – we had to do something.  We could not let this happen again. We could not allow evil in.  We had to get back to – well – America.

I am scared for our country.  We have lost that.  We are divided again, and the wrong side is winning.

I am all for freedom of speech, so I get the whole “flag burning” thing if you need to “express” your view.  But let me tell you something.  If you want to burn the flag, I will be the first to volunteer to buy you a one-way plane ticket to the country of your choice.  If you don’t like America, you are free to leave.

Let me say that another way – Get out.  

If you don’t love America, I will usher you to the nearest door.  Don’t let it hit you in the rear-end on the way out.

Or, on second thought, I hope the door smacks you so far away from here you see stars and stripes all the way to the grave.

We have got to get the spirit of America back because I feel the America my husband died for slipping farther and farther away.

And you know the reason?  Most of America has left God behind.  We may call ourselves “Christian” but we aren’t walking the talk.

What does scripture say?  “Where the spirit of the Lord is – there is freedom” (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Caveat – that means freedom can only exist where His Spirit lives.

That means, America, we have a problem.  We have left God out of our decisions of late.  And He doesn’t barge His way in – He is a gentlemen – He stands at the door and knocks (Revelation 3:20)

Most of this country has God just outside the door.  We put on a good face, we say we believe, but He isn’t even allowed inside our houses.  He stands there knocking, freedom with Him, and where we are the enemy is taking our freedoms one by one and we aren’t even aware of it.  Why?  Because if you are standing without Him and His Spirit, you have no idea what true freedom means.  You stand for the wrong goals because you don’t know black from white.   Without Him on your side, wrongs become right and rights become wrong.  It is a twisted truth, but one most of America is buying.

Those of us with God inside the house have got to stand up and stand firm.  We have to shout a battle cry because we are the only ones that see the truth of the matter.  We have to “walk the talk” and represent freedom, because when we do that, we represent Him.

Stand firm, Christian soldiers.  Let freedom ring.


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  1. Roger says - Posted: July 14, 2014

    Well said and AMEN to that. Things can’t continue as they have been so one of two things will occur:

    1. a major revival/renewal as has happened several times in the last two hundred years.

    2. God will bring “end time” judgment.

    Either way freedom will ring for those who trust in Jesus Christ.