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Get OUT Of The Middle Road. Moxie UP your Life!

Watched the debates this past Monday.  Here was my impression: one candidate was lying through his pearly whites and the other candidate didn’t go down the hard road because he was playing the middle.  Believe me, I am for one and not the other, but the whole “middle road thing” got me thinking.  Why in the world do we not have the  guts to just spill the beans?  Tell it like it is.  Have a little moxie.   Anyone know what I’m talking about?  Everyone is trying to play the “middle road.”

There is no middle road.  There is a narrow road.  A very narrow road.

“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”  Matthew 7:14

The candidates were trying to play the middle road to get votes.  One is so far left you can’t even see him, but he pulls himself so far to the middle when he speaks it is just mind-blowing.  The other is on the right but he still tries to appeal to the masses in the middle.


The candidates may have done the right thing to get votes, but the reason I got so upset about this is because I see myself in them.  We are all guilty of this exact disorder.  Playing the middle road.  Trying not to offend.  Appeasing everyone.  Pandering to those whose voices are loudest.

I think the American people would admire the heck out of anyone who dares to stand up and really have moxie.  I mean, for the love of all that is good right and true in this world.  STAND UP.  SHINE your true colors.  DARE to be who God made you to be!

Have a little MOXIE for the love of Pete!

America needs guts right now.  We need people to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15).  I hope our candidate will do that if elected and get out of the middle road, trying to placate every soul in this absolute train wreck that the middle road has made of America.

Do you know where the middle road has really screwed us up?  This new tolerance we are seeing.

Tolerance has come to mean agreeing with everyone.  That is not the definition of tolerance.  Tolerance is ADMIRATION of individual OPINION even thought you don’t AGREE with it!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

My husband fought and died for individual liberty.  Many men and women have sacrificed their lives for individual liberty, and we are tossing it away like it is yesterday’s old meat.

I want to ask you a hard question.  Believe me, I am asking myself the same question.

How often do we play the middle road, hoping to be liked?  How often do we back down from our core beliefs in order to be deemed “friendly” to others?  How often?

I shutter to think.  I really do.  SHAME ON US.

I am so guilty of this I stink.  I really do.  How often do I speak to a group and try to appeal to all of them?  How often, Nic?  SHAME ON YOU.

God made you with individual moxie.  He gave you freedom.  He gave you a personality.  He gave you scripture for you to understand what the will of the Lord is (Eph. 5:17)

What happened to speaking the truth in love?  What happened to giving our opinion even when it hurts?  What has happened to AMERICA?

Let’s get it back Christian soldiers.  Let’s get our moxie back.  I DARE you to be yourself, your whole self, and nothing but yourself this week.

I DARE you.  If you don’t show your colors all the time, do so this week.  Show a little moxie.

I want America back.

I want my moxie back.

I want your moxie back..

Let’s SHINE Him so bright with LOVE and TRUTH and MOXIE that we are BLINDING.

Go moxie up your life.


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