• He Satisfies the Thirsty Soul

    He Satisfies the Thirsty Soul

    Sometimes after a long break, you not only need another vacation, but you also feel – well – somewhat empty.  One of my friends said it best, “I wish we could have talked more about God during the break.”  Most of the time family get togethers don’t have a lot of conversations about God, even […]

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  • Joy To The World – Not Really A Christmas Carol

    Joy To The World – Not Really A Christmas Carol

    I was at church this Sunday and our band sang “Joy to the World.”  I have always loved that song, but I really love it around Christmas.  The kicker is, when you listen to the words, it is not a Christmas carol. Say what?   Nope, not a Christmas carol.  I mentioned this last Christmas in my […]

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  • Dare to Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

    Dare to Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride

    Nothing is too big for God because God is big.  So dare to dream.  Dare to hope.  Dare to expect what He told you was soon to come.  Dare to think outside of the box.  Dare to believe what the world is telling you to stop believing in. I sat in silence last night watching […]

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  • Dogs and Cats Should Not be Friends

    Dogs and Cats Should Not be Friends

    My cat stopped eating the other day.  A few days later, her lower jaw started to swell.  It was an abscess.  Most abscesses in cats stem from catfights but my cat is an “only” cat and she lives inside.  There had been no contact with another feline species.  My vet concluded it was something wrong […]

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  • Balloons and Yellow Brick Roads

    Balloons and Yellow Brick Roads

    I have decided I need to buy a hot tub and then everything will be okay.  That is where I am right now.  I just ran 10 miles and my legs need a soak. Hot tubs are expensive, but whatever. It will make me smile, and my legs will be much happier. So, I need […]

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  • Mike’s Hiking for Heroes

    Mike’s Hiking for Heroes

    I had the honor of meeting Mike Viti yesterday. If you don’t know about this man here is an excerpt from his website:   “Mike Viti will be walking across America, over 7,100 kilometers, one kilometer for each and every service member who was killed in action during the Global War On Terror (GWOT). His personal goal […]

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  • The Race of Life

    The Race of Life

    This past week I ran the Army Ten-Miler in Washington DC.   It was an experience I never thought I would have but one that was good for me.  I had a vision of a big group starting together but then slowly breaking up over the first mile or so – not the case.  There […]

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  • Drips of Change

    Drips of Change

    God is pushing me lately.  Like really pushing me.  At first I didn’t like it.  Everything He led me to do felt wrong because the things He led me to do I hadn’t done since my husband was killed.  This caused a lot of stress.  I mean, go out after dark?  Not my thing.  What about […]

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  • You Can’t Save The World In a Bad Mood

    You Can’t Save The World In a Bad Mood

    I’m in a bad mood.  Not a great place to be.  Lately I have just felt stagnant, like nothing is happening.  Like I’m going through the motions and I have nothing to go to.  Like I know where I am supposed to be and I’m not there yet. I am working my butt off and […]

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