• The Nativity Misconception Transforms into a Picture of our Faith

    The Nativity Misconception Transforms into a Picture of our Faith

    Christmas is here. Most of us stop at least for a moment during this busy season and contemplate the Nativity. Sometimes the Nativity becomes something a little “magical” or “romantic” to us.   We gaze at the ornate wise men and the manly shepherds, the donkey and the stable, the manger and the straw, but […]

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  • Wholly Devoted, yet Wholly Not

    Wholly Devoted, yet Wholly Not

    Can you be wholly devoted to God, yet not rely on Him? Can you be wholly devoted to the Lord, yet miss Him? The answer seems to be – “Yes.” There was a king of Judah named Asa.  It says in 1 Kings 15:14 that Asa “was wholly devoted to the Lord all his days.”  […]

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  • We’ve Rescinded His Invitation

    We’ve Rescinded His Invitation

    You are having a conversations with a co-worker about all the bad stuff happening in the world.  You make a comment that perhaps it is time for Jesus to come back.  You expect a casual nod, or a “tell me about it,” or at least a polite change of topic.  What if the response was, […]

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  • Dare To Be Different

    Dare To Be Different

    David’s family was a mess. A 100% catastrophe. David was a man after God’s own heart – but he had a little too much mercy on his own family.  He never ruled with the “rod of discipline” as it says to do in Proverbs 13:24.  “He who withholds his rod hates his son, but he […]

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  • Are You Hiding Among the Baggage?

    Are You Hiding Among the Baggage?

    I ran across a jewel the other day.  I had never connected these two verses before, but when you put them together – WHAM-O – something happens.  Here is the first verse: “Therefore they inquired further of the Lord, ‘Has the man [Saul] come here yet?’  So the Lord said, ‘Behold, he is hiding himself […]

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  • Twelve Legions of Angels

    Twelve Legions of Angels

    Today is Passover in the Jewish culture – it was the day Jesus was taken by the authorities, given an unfair trial, and condemned to death.  I am reading through Matthew right now, and a verse jumped out at me.  It comes when Peter cuts off an ear of a guard in order to hinder […]

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  • Look to the End – His Focus Was You

    Look to the End – His Focus Was You

    My morning reading happened to be John chapter 2 – Jesus goes to Cana for a wedding and He turns the water into wine.  It says in scripture it was His first sign, meaning it was His first public miracle. It hit me this morning in a completely different way than it has before – […]

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  • The Hunt of a Lifetime

    The Hunt of a Lifetime

    This past weekend some great guys took my kid hunting.  This hunt was exclusively for Gold Star Families – or families that have lost someone in service to their country.  My boy was one of six boys who were taken out by four different hunters during a two day period of time (morning and evening […]

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  • Get Inside the Ark

    Get Inside the Ark

    I recently went to the life size rendition of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky.  When you drive up to it, of course, you are impressed. The thing is really stinking big.  But what really impressed me was the inside.  It seemed even bigger.  Standing in that ark, walking from room to room, from level to level, […]

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  • Daniel: No Black, All White

    Daniel: No Black, All White

    Daniel. He is amazing. I have loved this greatly esteemed man of God from afar for a long time. One day, one of my closest friends asked if I could teach a Bible Study on Daniel. I shrugged it off. There were already plenty of good studies on Daniel available. After all, I was not […]

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